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Joey Vishny (@jvishny) welcomes the panel back to talk through oh so many questions & possibilities during Liverpool's summer transfer window, which officially just opened.  Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) in NYC, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in Southern Cal join Ali Ghahremani (@Alig_FP), the face & beard of Football Purists in SF, Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejr_FP) also in Southern Cal and a new contributor to Talk On, Mark Isham (@markisham5) to answer these burning questions.
What do we think of Salah?  And importantly, the many breakdowns surrounding Virgil Van Dijk?  Who’s coming next?  Will it be Keita?  Will it be a proper LB?  Who do we expect to be loaned out or sold?  All these answered & more on this edition of the Talk On podcast.
**Happy July 4th to our American friends, and to our fans around the world, here’s simply something to listen to & enjoy this weekend. Don’t be shy, tweet at us @TalkOn_FP.  And coming soon, coverage as camp gets underway YNWA**
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