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Dark times for Liverpool fans and changes are needed. It was difficult to get the boys to record this one, but we did.

Ali Ghahremani (@Ali_ghah) hosts Joey Vishny (@JVishny), Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejonr) and Brian Pede (@bpede2), they talk about the Crystal Palace defeat, Brendan Rodgers IN or OUT, leadership, and some Cara/Rodgers quotes.


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Today the Football Purists team (@SessionsJack , @neemaxh , @garetkk ) re-capped the Anderlecht and Swansea games, answered the fan’s questions, discussed the dispute that Wenger’s reign is causing between Arsenal fans, reviewed pundit’s comments , and looked ahead to the Man Utd game!

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 Episode 6: Sausage Fingers vs Old Teacher

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All Liverpool Podcast Episode

Ali Ghahremani (@Ali_Ghah) , Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejonr), and Joey Vishny (@JVishny) discuss the Liverpool vs Chelsea game, Brendan Rodgers and the transfer committee and life before Liverpool for BR.





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Episode 5.5: Bit of the Blues for the Reds

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Ali G (@ali_Ghah), Jack Sessions (@SessionsJack), Neema Hariri (@neemaxh), and Joey Vishny (@JVishny) talk about Newcastle vs Liverpool. 

Post game thoughts and formation, Lovren, Balotelli the scape goat, Gerrard, Brendan out fans, predictions for the weekend games.


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Twitter: @footballpurists

Ali G (@Ali_ghah), Jack Sessions (@SessionsJack), Neema Hariri (@neemaxh), and Joey Vishny (@JVishny) talk about Arsenal vs Burnley.

Summary and formation of the game, stand out players, weak players, Welbeck and Sanchez watch, managing injuries, Theo Walcott’s first minutes, Anderlecht Swansea Predictions.


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