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Joey Vishny (@jvishny) welcomes the panel back to the many highs & lows of transfer season, and of course this Liverpool have plenty of both!  Ali Ghahremani (@Alig_FP) in SF, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) & Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejr_FP) in Southern Cal join to have a rousing debate certain to characterize this final few weeks of the Summer transfer window.  We also begin to do a little previewing of Watford.
VVD, Countiho - WTF?!  And what are we thinking about FSG through all this?  Is this really the hero or zero moment so many Liverpool greats predict?  How do we rate all the new signings?  All these questions answered & more on this edition of the Talk On podcast.
And uh…come with us to Besiktas http://bit.ly/Come_to_BesiktasVideo
**Talk On Listeners - thanks to all of your amazing support and the resulting popularity of the podcast, we’re moving to our own separate channel, so you no longer have to commingle with the Arsenal types and they us (JK - we love you guys :).  Check us out by searching Football Purists Talk On via your chosen podcast app**
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