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Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts a couple regs in Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) & Ali G (@AliG_FP) along with a couple newcomers to Talk On: Tyler Vinal (@tvinal), as seen on FootballPurists.com and Raj Chohan (@rajsinghchohan), LFC Correspondent for @FanTVUK.  Of course, we do a thorough review of & minor wake for the club following Palace, we provide positive seat index ratings where we have ‘em to go with the negative, and we also look ahead to Watford Monday where our club can hopefully set itself right (+ or - some additional help).  
What was missing most for Liverpool in this tie?  What did we think of how Klopp setup & his substitutions?  What about Benteke & Sakho’s shenanigans?  Another lovely ball from Countinho, who seemed the only one to show seriously for this match.  All these questions answered / topic addressed on this edition of the Talk On podcast.
**Stay tuned for the next Talk On: we'll review Watford**


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